reddit forex scalping

at a time. When scalping I cant see a mini or macro account doing this succesfully to beat the commision. What do you guys think? I do no trade minis or macros.

reddit forex scalping

This is my personal strategy, and mental state when. So I ve been trading for like 4 years now, and I like to tes t new strategies, and the strategy that I always wanted to try. I wouldn t consider 5 minute charts noise, although they re ce rtainly noisier.

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When scalping you should use an ECN broker. If yes 1- Do you have target how many pips, money or you make a day? The point of scalping is to hit and run, even if its 2 or 3 pips, a scalper is out. Dont try this during news events. I place only about an 8 pip stop, And thats it, this is the only setup I trade when scalping. If yes what kind of stop lose thight stops or very wide like 100 pips? Let set some rules for long and short trades, and support it with some examples.

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