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2/20/18 fo Uses genuine graphics to make a convincing enough site but it's a scam. 5/8/18 m, it isn't bitcoin mining, it is just another hyip/scam. If you send bitcoin to this site, then it really is only yourself to blame. Org If you don't have a Trezor, Electrum, or Ledger hardware Wallet, just get one. Online You don't send Bitcoin and get more back, you send Bitcoin, and never see it again.

Please don't lose your telecharger indicateur forex cci stochastic bitcoin to such a simple fraud as this. 11/7/16 m You are wasting your money - they won't do jack shit. 7/2/18 m Just a hyip/scam, don't get excited, it's all lies and deception. Somebody in Texas may wish to call in at the 'office' and give us some feedback. This is a serial scammer. It should do, another renamed Hyip/Fraud. You lose your deposit. But don't bother, because they won't pay you.

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