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Securities, and Chandan Taparia, derivatives analyst. The strategy aims to benefit the initiator through a fall in options implied volatility once the event concludes and also theta, or time decay. Thats a risk reward.44:1. The upper breakeven point after which he makes a loss is 26,477 and the lower BEP is 26,023. The movement is calculated based on Close Open price for the expiry days alone. On the last 2 such occasions, Nifty rallied over 8 as foreign portfolio. That caps his loss at?123. However, the seller of the 26,200 put also purchased a 25,900 put, which ends?100 ITM. Assume Bank Nifty closes at either 26,700 or 25,800.

As you can see in the below chart, most of the time Bank Nifty ended the expiry day with flat movement, there are very few days where bank Nifty moved more than 1 from its open price. The strategy is a combination of a bear call spread anticipating limited downside, and a bull put spread limited upside. Assuming Tuesday close prices of the options, a trader receives Rs 144 a share (40 shares in one contract) upon selling a 26,300 call and has to pay?57 a share for the 26,600 call. We have analysed the historical data to find out how Bank Nifty moved on expiry days. Dow, S P fall as earnings season picks. At 25,800, the buyer of the 26,200 put receives?223 from the seller (ex-debit).

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That caps the loss. Telegram Channel and blog. This could be due to low volatility environment that are in low, and more retailers are into option selling, as decay is higher on expiry days, many people are selling Options these days and especially on expiry days. That makes the maximum loss at Rs 123 and happens if Bank Nifty closes at 26,600 or 25,900. For more such analysis and articles, follow us at our. Subdued start to domestic earnings season dampens sentiment. That leaves him with a gain of?223. All contracts expire jour des stratégies de trading en inde on June. There were only 19 expiry days out of 107 expiry days, where bank nifty ended up with more 1 movement, which is just 17 of the time.

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